Favorite Peaceful Place

Years ago when I was suffering a bout of anxiety, I saw a counselor that advised me to close my eyes and think of a place that I feel most at peace, This technique was to help me feel calm.  This is also a relaxation tool in yoga used to calm the mind and body.  I have always come up with the same place, a park called the Park of Roses.  When I close my eyes, I can see all the gorgeous colors of roses, I can smell roses and feel the warm sun on my skin.  My family and I have walked and played in this park together for years.  Recently one evening, my mother, daughter and I went  for a walk through this beautiful park.  I shared with my daughter how this was my peaceful place, when I felt stressed, I would close my eyes and see the roses and trees and would feel a sense of calm.

Do you have a favorite peaceful place real or imagined?   A place that when you think of it, you feel safe, calm and relaxed?  The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, close your eyes and “see” your peaceful place, take a few deep breaths,  and notice if you feel a little calmer.  Enjoy!

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