Patience and Perseverance

My son has demonstrated great patience this summer.  We planted some marigold seeds early this summer that he gave me on his last day of school.  Every day when he went out to check on the vegetables that we planted he would check on the marigolds too, they were not blooming.  We finally, after about a month, got some sprouts but no flowers.  Then one day early this month out of nowhere, a flower had bloomed.  He and I were amazed!  His patience reminded me of the patience one must have in yoga.  Many of the poses can be challenging or unattainable in one’s current body.  However with patience and perseverance, those same poses can be attained or feel blissful instead of uncomfortable.   With my daily practice my back bends have finally begun to feel  like an amazing heart opening experience.  I feel more space between each vertebrae only  after 10 plus years  of practice.  I have mentioned this in my classes encouraging students to have patience and perseverance and that with practice, their poses will flourish much like our marigold seeds.

Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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