I have viewed fall as a time for reflection.  Reflecting on what is working and what is not, reflecting on our summer and on the new school and work year ahead.  Fall is a time of growth and change.  A time when I set goals for myself and encourage my children to do the same.  There is time and space in my schedule now to de-clutter my home to create space and energy for our goals to be achieved.  Some of my goals are to work on my yoga and meditation practice and to continue to share yoga and its many benefits with my students.  Another big goal for me is to bring my yoga practice to my parenting challenges to stay calm during the storms and surrender to the flow of this thing called life.

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.

 Peter F. Drucker quotes (American Educator and Writer, b.1909)

Success is not measured by what one brings, but rather by what one leaves.      Author Unknown

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