Media Free

I had the pleasure of attending a week long training far from home for 5 days.  During this week, I chose to be media free.  I set my intentions on clearing my mind to be open to receive what I needed to from this important training.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the internet, I read several blogs a day and find much inspiration and information for family life as well as topics for my yoga classes.   I found subs for all my classes and set a vacation text on my email and as I was signing off the computer, I already felt a sigh of relief.  I still have an “old-fashioned” flip phone so I couldn’t even use my phone to read emails.  I actually felt very free.  I’m a very social person and long for person to person contact.  It saddens me to see families together but, not together because they are all engrossed in their phones.  As a matter of fact one time an older gentleman sitting at our Whole Foods,  there to entertain the patrons dining with his accordion, commented on the fact that we were an “engaged family”, talking with each other and that he enjoyed seeing this.  Turning off our digital contact every once in awhile can allow us to turn on our personal human contact and build truly lasting emotionally connected relationships.  Believe me it is not all peaceful in our family but talking to each other and spending time really connected without digital interruption, allows us to feel supported,  heard and loved.

Back to the training, I got to meet and really get to know some amazing women.  We could have talked forever and in just 4 nights together I created new endearing friendships.  My mind felt clear and I felt no anxiety which, I sometimes suffer after long bouts on the computer when I feel I have so much to do but do not know where to start.

I’m offering you a gift for this Holiday Season, maybe spend one or more days free of all media, that is, no TV, no internet and limit your calls to really be present to those around you.  Maybe take walks together or cook or bake together or enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or tea together.   I would love to hear how this works for you!

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