Video by: Chuck Burmeister & Jennifer Gebhart
DVD Description:
A gentle Yoga practice designed for people with Multiple Sclerosis, also suitable for those living with most any disability, injury, illness, or confined to bed. If you’re a beginner, senior or looking for a gentler Yoga practice I’m sure this video will work for you. The video works as a good starting point on the path to a better quality of life.
It will help by improving balance, flexibility, increase strength and reduce fatigue.
Chapters are: Chair Yoga, Floor Yoga, Standing/Floor Combination Yoga which includes (Picture-in-Picture), 5 Minute Yoga, Caregiver Yoga, Fatigue/Breath/Posture chapter and a chapter interviewing a Physical Therapist.
  • A 2 hour 25 minute Gentle Yoga DVD including 8 chapters.
  • Information on proper Breathing and Posture.
  • Besides the yoga practices, this video offers a great deal of educational information, including an interview with a Physical Therapist who discusses the every day struggles of people living with MS.
  • Five minute Gentle Yoga Practice for those with limited time.

Yoga has changed my life physically as well as mentally.  It has played an important role in eliminating 95% of my physical disabilities, alleviating my depression, as well as increasing my energy, strength and balance, and completely eliminating my fatigue. The positive effects of yoga seem to be cumulative as the more time goes by with dedication to a consistent daily practice, I notice increased positive effects.  I am amazed at the journey from my lowest point to the continued highs I live in now.   –Chuck Burmeister, Yoga Chuck

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