I was very inspired by a training I went to this weekend talking about the importance of building a sense of community in our classes as yoga teachers.  During my MS Yoga class I was filled with joy because, this class has a very strong sense of community.  These folks, get to class even though … Continue reading Community

Food Glorious Food

My husband and I were reminiscing about our childhoods of the 70's when we were served an abundance of red meat with little flavor except salt and ketchup, neither of which do I crave now. No insult to our parents, this was just the times.   I figured this is probably what lead me to … Continue reading Food Glorious Food

Viparita Karani

Last week I came down with a cold and was not sleeping well.  I fortunately still had energy to go about my days however, every day I was sure to tune into what my body was calling for and Viparita Karani was it.  This pose can be modified with legs over a chair especially if … Continue reading Viparita Karani


.  Watching my children's caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies reminded me of a persons ability to transform.  A yoga and meditation practice can transform one's body, mind and spirit.  I see how my body has transformed through my yoga practice, becoming stronger and more flexible.  My mind is going through transformation as I find more … Continue reading Transformation

New Adventure

I am excited  and looking forward to this new adventure of blogging, a new way to connect with people who are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, and to connect with people who are looking for a little inspiration to add to their day.   I stumbled upon yoga with a gift certificate … Continue reading New Adventure