Favorite Peaceful Place

Years ago when I was suffering a bout of anxiety, I saw a counselor that advised me to close my eyes and think of a place that I feel most at peace, This technique was to help me feel calm.  This is also a relaxation tool in yoga used to calm the mind and body.  … Continue reading Favorite Peaceful Place


<Reiki is "spiritually guided life force energy". To be honest I have had my doubts in the power of Reiki and if this "laying on hands", really works!  I received my Level 1 Attunement in Reiki several years ago and have done Reiki on myself and my children.  My daughter says that it feels good.  … Continue reading Reiki

Quiet and Alone Time

Something new and wonderful happened to me this year, I learned to enjoy my alone time!   I love to be with people and truly enjoy talking with people, this is how I get energy.  I have previously found it difficult to be alone, always making phone calls to connect with people when I found myself … Continue reading Quiet and Alone Time